Ready To Build And Design A New Commercial Property? What To Know

26 July 2018
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If you have purchased some property and you are looking to build a new commercial building to operate your business, you have to find the right general contractor for the job. Not only do you have to find the right building contractor, but you have to make sure that you are smart when you are creating the space for your business. Here are some of the things that you need to take into consideration before breaking ground on the property. Read More 

2 Things That Tell You Your Sand Mound Needs Repair

4 May 2018
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Septic system sand mounds are one of those necessities that can be unsightly. It can also be difficult to know when something is going wrong with your sand mount. Here, you'll learn a few things that will tell you that repairs need to be made. Monitor the Grass Growth Have you noticed that the grass is growing at different rates on your sand mound? If the grass only grows an inch in one area per week and another area seems to sprout ten inches per week, you are leaking more water out of the sand mound than is being absorbed into the sand. Read More 

Three Great Types Of Eco-Friendly Roofs For Commercial Or Residential Buildings In Summer

26 June 2017
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Many businesses today are looking for ways to increase their public image and credibility by showing an interest in protecting the environment. If this description fits your business, you may be wondering how you can counteract the significant energy drain that a traditionally black roof presents during the warmer months. Here are three types of roofing that can be great for eco-friendly businesses during the summer and can work for either commercial buildings or residential buildings. Read More 

Why You Should Never Wait To Have Your Roof Repaired

28 February 2017
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As a homeowner, it is vital that you are taking action to have your roof repaired as soon as you realize that there is a problem with it. Even though it may not be in your budget or it might be poor timing, it is important to make sure that you are never waiting to have it repaired. Reading through the following points will help you understand why. Small Problems Quickly Become Large Problems Read More 

Want To Add More Functionality To Your Hallway? 3 Remodeling Ideas To Consider

9 December 2016
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Living in a smaller home can mean experiencing some challenges regarding adding storage space without making it uncomfortable to get around. If you're concerned with adding more storage, but don't want to be at risk of making the house feel more cramped, it's best to focus on the existing space. One way to do so is to make changes to the hallway. If you have a long hallway and the walls are pretty bare, the following projects can all help add extra storage space or other features that you'll enjoy having. Read More