Want To Add More Functionality To Your Hallway? 3 Remodeling Ideas To Consider

9 December 2016
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Living in a smaller home can mean experiencing some challenges regarding adding storage space without making it uncomfortable to get around. If you're concerned with adding more storage, but don't want to be at risk of making the house feel more cramped, it's best to focus on the existing space. One way to do so is to make changes to the hallway. If you have a long hallway and the walls are pretty bare, the following projects can all help add extra storage space or other features that you'll enjoy having. Read More 

Give Your Outdoor Pavements A Restored Look With These Custom Concrete Finish Ideas

6 December 2016
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The concrete outside your home may eventually become worn due to cracks and common problems. Eventually, you may be considering solutions to restore your old concrete pavement. There are many modern concrete finishes that can be used to give pavements a new custom look. You may want to consider things like acid staining, stamped concrete or adding a layer of epoxy to your concrete. Here are some ideas to restore your concrete pavements with a new custom finish: Read More 

Comparing Slate And Marble Countertops

5 December 2016
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Natural stone countertops provide a luxurious and natural aesthetic to your kitchen, as well as a high degree of durability and functionality. Two of the most common types of natural stone countertops are slate and marble, which each possess a distinctive set of features and advantages over each other. Understanding what both types of natural stone countertops have to offer your kitchen can help you choose the type of natural stone that best suits your kitchen's design and functional needs. Read More 

3 Ways to Tell You Have Mold in the House

2 December 2016
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Unfortunately, many people live in houses where there is mold. They might not even realize the danger of the problem until it has become severe and they need to evacuate the house while the problem is fixed. This is why it is best to detect the problem early and treat it before it becomes serious. Here are some signs that your house has mold and that you need to call for an inspection. Read More 

Problems That Could Arise When Your Commercial Air Conditioning Is On Fire

1 November 2016
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It is always a good idea to have your commercial air conditioning checked out and maintained. If you do not, more serious problems could arise, such as a fire. In the event that your commercial air conditioner ignites, it is not just the fire itself you have to worry about. Here are the other problems that could occur, inside your building, when your A/C unit outside is on fire. Smoke Flowing Inside Read More